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The Prodigy Factory, Inc. is revolutionizing education with Highly Secure, AI-Enhanced, Gamified Learning for students of all ages.

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Our Mission

It Is Our Mission to Educate the World

'In response to unprecedented challenges presented by the worldwide Pandemic, as well as the persistent drawbacks of antiquated 'one-size-fits-all' learning, The Prodigy Factory presents AI-Gamified learning tools for students, parents and teachers. Privacy and Security are built in. Our products, Professor Bunsen Teaches Math Grades K-8 and Piano Prodigy are the first in a series of progressively 1:1 lifetime learning tools. .'

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math Grades K-8 and Piano Prodigy are available now for multiple operating systems.

..students who were educated with challenge-based gamification raised their performance by up to 89.45% compared to those who only received lectures.

ScienceDirect, 2020
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These screenshots illustrate the cool graphics that students and teachers love:

Our Products

Gamified by Game Developers

The Prodigy Factory combines its next generation, AI technology with its proven gaming and learning technologies to deliver 1:1 Smart Gamified Learning to STEAM students worldwide. Video games are a specialty. Online educational software is often drab, boring and not very fun. In addition, many online educational game providers not only manipulate and upsell children, but they also collect and sell their data. Our goal is to change all this! The Prodigy Factory doesn't just make educational games...we make games that are educational and secure!


Students who are engaged, having fun and motivated will learn.


Students who are engaged learn faster.


Students who have fun retain the material better.


Students who see progress are motivated.

Years of Lessons

36 Weeks

Each grade contains one FULL YEAR of lessons. These aren't just educational games, these are entire courses of study!



Students not only complete game levels, but they may also earn trophies and virtual stickers as rewards.


Virtual Report Cards

Student progress is recorded and may be viewed by parents, teachers and students at any time.

"Changing the World... One Child at a Time"

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Learning is Fun.

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math completely changes the past century of 'boring' classroom experience while preserving privacy and security! Piano Prodigy makes piano learning and practice fun, instead of boring and tedious. And unlike so many educational products available today, Privacy and Security are Built in!


For Multiple Devices. Most of our products work on Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone® and iPad®), and Android.


Our products are available worldwide at some of the largest online software retailers including:

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